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Offsett coming to Macclesfield
26th May 2021

The lifestyle retailer Offsett have taken a shop in Macclesfield.

Offices let in Macclesfield town centre
26th May 2021

The software company Telematicus have taken offices at Park Green, Macclesfield

Retail shop let in Macclesfield
7th May 2021

The former Peak Cycle store at Wood Street Mill in Macclesfield has been let to Finesse Schoolwear. The shop is directly opposite the public car on Pickford Street in the town centre.

Retail property purchased in Macclesfield
19th April 2021

Estates & Leisure Holdings have acquired the retail property 59 Mill Street, Macclesfield from Himor property. The property was previously occupied by Bon Marche but has stood empty for 18 months. The property will be refurbished and then available to lease.

Macclesfield shop move for Skye Beauty
15th April 2021

Skye Beauty Parlour have moved to their new shop at 75 Mill Street, Macclesfield. The shop was refurbished during the lockdown and is now open to the public.

Cheshire Eye Society move into their new Macclesfield offices
12th April 2021

The independent charity,  Cheshire Eye Society have taken space at 11 Market Place, Macclesfield for their new office and resource centre.

Ceramet UK new offices in Macclesfield
12th April 2021

UK's leading supplier of dental prosthetics and aesthetics are taking new larger offices in Macclesfield.

Freckle and Fern new Macclesfield Studio
19th February 2021

The functional and fun ceramic producer Freckle & Fern have agreed terms on a new studio. It will be based off Chestergate, in Macclesfield town centre.

Creating new space for Matmi in Macclesfield
11th January 2021

The award winning digital creative agency MATMI have agreed to move into offices at 32 Park Green, Macclesfield. Estates & Leisure are now fitting out the space to MATMI's requirements.

Showing 9 to 18 of 64
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