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News offices in Macclesfield with a bar
14th April 2022

Estates & Leisure have just finished the new offices for Ceramet UK Dental Solutions. The town centre offices incorporate a training facility and the "Bear Pit" bar for use of their clients.

Ian Curtis Mural Macclesfield town centre
25th March 2022

A mural paying tribute to the Joy Division front man Ian Curtis will be completed today in Macclesfield town centre by the street Artist AKSE. Estates & Leisure are proud to have been involved in this important installation

Adminstant take offices from Estates & Leisure
15th November 2021

The virtual admin support and expertise company Adminstant have agreed a lease on new offices in Macclesfield town centre.

The Tailoring Academy at George Street House
15th November 2021

The top floor of a former Silk Mill in Macclesfield town Centre is now the home of The Tailoring Academy. 

Fedcap Employment lease Macclesfield town centre property
19th August 2021

A former Bon Marche shop in Macclesfield Town centre has been leased to Fedcap Employment. The property had attracted a lot of interest with numerous occupiers wanting the Mill Street property.

Offsett coming to Macclesfield
26th May 2021

The lifestyle retailer Offsett have taken a shop in Macclesfield.

Offices let in Macclesfield town centre
26th May 2021

The software company Telematicus have taken offices at Park Green, Macclesfield

Retail shop let in Macclesfield
7th May 2021

The former Peak Cycle store at Wood Street Mill in Macclesfield has been let to Finesse Schoolwear. The shop is directly opposite the public car on Pickford Street in the town centre.

Retail property purchased in Macclesfield
19th April 2021

Estates & Leisure Holdings have acquired the retail property 59 Mill Street, Macclesfield from Himor property. The property was previously occupied by Bon Marche but has stood empty for 18 months. The property will be refurbished and then available to lease.

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